Craftemporio Gold Plated Lord Ganpati/Ganesha Idol

Rs. 949.00 INR Rs. 1,999.00 INR
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  • Material: Polyresin
  • Package Content: Export Quality Lord Ganesha, Dashboard Figurines Idols
  • Lord Ganesha is known as God of wisdom, success and prosperity and is widely revered as the remover of obstacles
  • This Decorative Murti can be used as Pooja Mandir interior decoration accessories / table decor items/ showcase decoration/ car dashboard showpiece.
  • Small and elegant, best for Car, home and office

Bring the goodness and blessings of the God Ganesh in your home with this Beautiful Blessing Ganesha Sculpture. The Presence of Hindu Idol Lord Ganesha in Home is Responsible for Success, Goodwill, Wealth, Prosperity, and Happiness. According to Ancient texts and Myths, the presence of the god Ganesha idol is very positive and is a powerful Feng Shui and Vastu Idol. This Ganesha Statue is Made with fine Material and Handcrafted in India by our Creative Indian Artists. Great for Car Dashboard, Home Decor, and A Great Gift.

The Benefits Of Keeping A Ganesh Idol in Your Car Dashboard:
Cars are a possession which is very close to our heart and everyone cares for it like their own child. One does everything to decorate the car like their dreams. From modifying the interiors to getting the glasses polished- a lot of money goes behind this. Buying a car is an investment of a lifetime for some people. It is a dream and that is why blessing the car with the proper Ganesh idol for a car is extremely important.

Significance of Keeping A Car Idol in Car Dashboard:
Calming:- Sometimes daily and long drives to work or the same place can be tedious and tiring. It can be frustrating and stressful. Whenever one feels too irritated or agitated, a look at Ganapati Ji can calm the nerve down.

Wash Care

Dry Clean Only