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Tea Light Ganesh – Blue

Rs. 429.00 INR Rs. 1,199.00 INR
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The Tea Light Ganesh is versatile in its usage and can be placed in any room, be it the living room, bedroom, or even the prayer room. It not only serves as a decorative piece but also brings a sense of tranquility and positivity to the surroundings.

The Tea Light Ganesh is an exquisite gift and home decor item that is sure to add a touch of elegance and spirituality to any room. Shaped like the revered deity Shree Ganesh, it features a dedicated space in front of the idol where a tea light can be placed to create a warm and soothing ambiance.

Additionally, the tea light placed in front of the idol creates a mesmerizing effect, casting a warm and comforting glow that adds to the serene ambiance. The Tea Light Ganesh is also a perfect gift option for occasions like weddings, housewarming parties, and religious festivals.