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Craft Emporio is in its 2nd avatar. Our first avatar was about handicrafts and handlooms.

Now, we sell Sarees. Yes, sarees. Affordable Sarees. The basic clothing of half of the Indian population. A popular piece of clothing which has remained unchanged for the last couple of thousand years. It is as much a sign of womanhood as it is of the Indian civilisation.

It is the first thing when we think about our mothers. It is the piece of cloth which a girl desires to don once she grows up. Wearing a saree is nevertheless a pain for a young lady but also a proud moment.

Indian women have been an active member of the commerce for a long time. With the advent of technology and e-commerce, we have somewhere left them behind. 

Indian women especially, in a 2nd or 3rd Tier city have a tough time going shopping as the markets are far-off or the conventional e-commerce offer them so much that they can't find what they need. 

There is no human touch for a mother or a lady who has devoted her full life managing people. She finds herself in a fix ordering stuff online although things are in her budget. 

She has her qualms about the material of the cloth and she gets no one to ask questions or hear from. Thus she sticks to her conventional way of shopping. Studies suggest that with technology getting cheaper and the deep penetration of mobile phones in towns/cities, women will emerge as the largest customer segment in the e-commerce space.

We are adding a human touch in the buying pattern by adding the Super Mom program which enables Homemaker Moms to both buy and sell from our platform.

Craft Emporio

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